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Kaju Pista Roll with Silver Plated Coin 5 Gms. Free Diwali Card. Gross Weight of Kaju Kaju Pista Roll is 250 Gms. Price:
Rs. 1523 / $ 23.32
Kaju Pista Roll with Silver Plated Coin 5 Gms. Free Diwali Card. Gross Weight of Kaju Pista Roll is 500 Gms. Price:
Rs. 1891 / $ 28.96
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Add-on- Products :
Rs. 293 / $ 4.49
Two Beautiful Diya
Rs. 753 / $ 11.53
Diwali Puja Thali
Rs. 293 / $ 4.49
5 Gram Silver Plated Coin
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Rs. 1447 / USD 22.16

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* The gift reached on time, was a surprise to the family and a great success. It is a pleasure working with such a dependable group. Congratulations! – Jacob, Arjentina

* “Thank you so much, it was a wonderful experience when the delivery boy knocked on the door with a pleasant surprise”. – Harvinder Singh, Ludhiana

* It is really a pleasure to use a website where I now know that I will get a great customer service! Once again, thanks for accommodating my request! – Chitra Sen, London

* Commendable job done for the timely delivery of the gift which made the recipient so very happy. Continue doing such great service. – Jayden, Cape Town

* I must admit I am extremely impressed with your exceptional service. No wonder I only use your site to send gifts to my friends N relatives staying abroad. Best Regards – Sharmila, Kolkata