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Easter is the celebration of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ which, according to the Bible occurred three days after his crucifixion. Good Friday is the day of Jesus' crucifixion. According to the Christians, Jesus rose on the first day of the week, Sunday which is why we have Easter Sunday as the day of the celebration which occurs once a year. The dates of Easter can range from March 22 to April 25. This year it is observed on 21st April.

For the Christians, this day is a day of rejoicing as most people regard the resurrection of Jesus as a symbol of the renewal of daily hope and that all has victory over sin. India is known for its rich and diverse culture. Many Christians reside in India as well. For this reason, even the Indian government has declared this day as a national holiday.


On this day the Christians pray in the church to remember and honor the sacrifice of their lord. While the significance of Easter is mostly dated back in history, these years, Easter is looked at from a different viewpoint as well. More than a day of repentance, people have adopted new traditions that they follow on this day. One such is the appearance of Easter Eggs and Easter Bunnies as the main elements of this week. With their significance in relation to renewal and birth, the Easter Bunny and Eggs are the special characters of this day. Decorations and feasts are prepared in relation to Easter Eggs and Bunnies. People paint the eggs and chocolates are carved in the shape of bunnies and eggs. Both children and elders indulge in egg hunts and games. They also are excellent elements of gifting on this day.


Easter is celebrated in abundance with families and friends. Every celebration is incomplete without the gesture of sending and receiving gifts. Brighten your day and others this Easter by sending Easter Gifts to Ahmedabad.

Easter is a time when people from far and near get together and spend the day praying and also indulging in delicious food and snacks. This traditionally happens around the table and food, as a matter of fact, is a kind of message which shows that you are cared for and will never be left hungry.


Easter Eggs are a must have gift for your loved ones during Easter. None-the-less you can also send Chocolate Bars, Assorted Homemade Box of Chocolates, the classic favorite of most like Cadbury's Nutties, Dairy Milk, Gems and Perk. Sending a box full of goodies to your families and friends will definitely sweeten their day and leave them craving for more. You can also send freshly baked cakes which everyone can enjoy a bite from. Choose from a variety of sweet delighted cakes like Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Cake, Pineapple Cake, Black Forest Cake, Plum Cake, customized Theme Cake and also Mixed Fruit Eggless Cakes. There is a cake for all kinds of preferences. Send out these treats and cakes for your family to enjoy on this festive day.

Home Decorations:

Along with cakes and sweets, you can send out other purpose gifts such as home decoration items. Everyone loves to decorate their homes. Send out designed Candles Stands, Penholders, Watch Set and beautiful Photo Frames. You can personalize these frames and capture memories in them before you gift someone. Capture the special and precious moments and occasion which you have shared on this day.


Easter Eggs are an absolute delight. You could get creative yourself and design your own Easter Eggs. Paint them and add colors before you give them to someone. Children love playing with Easter Eggs. You can send them Chocolate Easter Eggs coated with rich flavors and candies. This will brighten up the Easter mood even more.


Flowers of course are none the less the most beautiful gifts to give and receive. Flowers come with their own meaning. You can send Red Roses which show love, Yellow Rose signifies friendship and White Rose for peace and serenity. Gerbera signifies innocence, joy, and cheerfulness. Another option is Orchids that stand for luxury, beauty and strength. While Carnation sends out a message of good luck and admiration.


Easter Gifts are like a sweet tribute to the beautiful holiday season and it helps transform the traditional Easter into a more exciting event that your family, friends, and children love and enjoy dearly. Why not wrap this day up all in one big beautiful gift hamper. You can personalize your Easter Basket before sending it out to others. A basket filled with Easter cards and eggs, delicious and scrumptious chocolates and cakes, a fresh bunch of flowers, perfumes, scented candles, and home decorations-Definitely a gift worth sharing with others.

This work of looking for gifts and delivering them has been made easier with today's fast online generation. You can get Easter Gift delivery same day in Ahmedabad through safe and secure payment methods. They will ensure your gifts arrive at the doorstep of the recipients in good condition. Make this Easters special by sending online Easter Gifts which will save your time, energy and add joy to this festive season.

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