Celebrate Mother's Day 2019 - What You Can Gift Today

Mother's Day 2019 is here! Are you looking for ideas on how to celebrate this wonderful day? Want to surprise your mother and thank her innovatively? Then this comprehensive guide on send Mother's Day Gifts to Ahmedabad and will definitely help you to make Mother's Day 2019 a beautiful and memorable occasion both to you and your mother.

Why Mother's Day is celebrated?

Okay, here we go! For the starters, do you know why Mother's Day is celebrated? Well, the roots of Mother's Day celebrations lie in Greek and Roman culture and traditions. It was Greeks who used to worship their Goddess Rhea, the wife of Cronus, as the epitome of Motherhood and celebrated a dedicated festival that spanned for three days in the Spring season. In similar lines, in Roman culture, Goddess Cybele was prayed for blessing humanity with good off-springs and a festival was celebrated specially to show dedication and respect towards her.

In recent times, it is the North Americans who laid the foundation for celebrating this wonderful occasion by marking a dedicated day. And now, the whole world is celebrating Mother's Day with great love and respect. The date of Mother's Day varies across the countries and the dates are as shown below:

1. Second Sunday of May: In the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India, China, Japan, Philippines, and South Africa

2. March 21: In Arab Countries

3. Fourth Sunday of Lent Season: In the United Kingdom and Ireland

4. March 8: In European countries 

Ways to Gift to Mother on Mother's Day

Do you know that you can make your mother with a surprising gift that matches her tastes and interests? You can even do more and enhance the gift and its experience too. Move ahead to know more!

Chocolates and Cakes: Do you remember the first time your mother held your hand when you are cutting your first Birthday Cake? Of course, you may not recollect now! Look into those pictures if you have and bring back those memories. Order a delicious Cake of your mother's favorite flavor and stand with her as she cuts the cake on this beautiful day! See tears of joy running down on her face! Additionally, surprise her with an assorted range of Chocolates and Handmade Chocolate Boxes. Choose a reputed provider of Eggless Cakes for best mom in Ahmedabad same day delivery for this purpose.

Roses and Flowers: Mother is a symbol of purity and so are Flowers. Bring a cheer on your mom's face on this Mother's Day by gifting her colorful and Fresh Flowers. You have plenty of option to choose from such as Roses, Daisies, and Tulips. Go ahead and pick one! Take the help of online Flowers delivery in Ahmedabad for Mother's Day if you are confused which Flower Bouquets your mother would really love!

Idols and Pooja Items: While your mother daily prays for your happiness, why not gift her a new beautiful idol of her favorite God? You can also gift her Pooja items such as a new set of Diyas, Hanging Diyas, decoration Lamps for pooja shelf, silver articles for pooja, etc. 

Health-oriented gifts: If you want to keep up with the health goals of your mother, you have a variety of options too. Sugarless Sweets, Dry Fruit Baskets, Fresh Fruit Baskets make good choices for healthy gifts for Mother's Day. You can also gift a designer Saree, branded Watch, ladies Handbags, Beauty Care Products, Spa Hampers etc at low cost that would relax her.

Whatever your gift is, make sure that it symbolizes your love and respect for her besides ensuring that it is rightly delivered as planned. Happy gifting to your mother on this beautiful occasion of Mother's Day 2019!

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