Floriography of Birds of Magnolia and Lilies


The earliest blooming tree that has been traced down to be the first ever known flowering plant to the human race is Magnolia. Natives to North America, Central America and West Indies, the most common of all, the 50feet tall Southern Magnolia is profusely bred in North America.

The official state flower of Mississippi and Louisiana, magnolias have been said to have anti-anxiety and anti-antigenic properties. Magnolia blossoms and barks have long been accepted by the Chinese to cure for very many diseases. Few modern day medicines incorporates relatable quantities of Magnolia flower as it serves as a cure for lung congestion, different lung ailments, cough & cold, menstrual cramps, and many more such illness.

Primarily Magnolias stand for eternal grace and stability since they are thought to be the first ever plant that has ever existed in this planet and has survived 100 million years retaining the same blueprint. Like every other flower, different hues of Magnolia have different significances and implications. The prominent ones are:

  • White Magnolias: Represents Moon or any other celestial Goddess, for spell casts on Mondays, a mark of purity or chastity.
  • Yellow Magnolias: Symbolizes sun or any divine solar entity or any sort of spell cast on Sunday.
  • Pink Magnolias: Represents Goddess of Love like Venus or Aphrodite, a mark of woman-hood, love and friendship.
  • Purple Magnolias: A mark of Roman Royalty since decades, distinctively effective in Governmental achievements.



Apprized for its gaudy blossoms and appealing aroma, lilies have always been the leading choice for bouquets and corsages. Deriving its name from the Greek word Leiron, the flower is believed to have bloomed from the milk of Hera, the Queen of Greek Gods. The Lilies have also being acknowledged of being the May birth flower and quite often gifted on 30th marriage anniversaries as it mirrors adherence. In China, lilies are used in wedding ceremonies since it implies 100years of love and great luck in marital life. Assyrians and Babylonians have always associated lily with the Goddess of fertility- Ishtar, whereas, Christians associate it with Virgin Mary.

Lily flowers are bred over more than some hundred species, found in Eurasia, across Philippines right up to Japan and many parts of India. Lilies are truly glamorous garden plantations arguing for well-drained soil and 6-8 hours of sun exposure. Their charm, diversity, extended blooming period and exquisite fragrance makes it an ideal bunch of beauty to be the host of any joyous occasion or for uplifting or alleviating a sad soul.

Lilies are likely to cultivate in the species of Stargazer Lilies, Casablanca Lilies, Calla Lilies, Lily of the Valley, Tiger Lilies and Eucharis Lilies.

  • Calla Lilies - The most magnificent of all lilies, the natives of South Africa, Calla Lilies have derived its named from the Greek word Calla(beautiful) and is said to be the most gorgeous of all other breeds of lilies. Calla lilies are a great choice for adorning bedsides and embellishing houses as potted plants.
  • Stargazer Lilies - The most demanded blossom out of all lilies, as marked by numerous florists. These lilies posses an exotic aroma which makes it so very special.
  • Casablanca Lilies - Even in the crowd of a bunch of dainty blossoms, the Casablanca is a sheer standout. With its divine beauty and soothing aroma this White blossom is often regarded as the finest oriental lilies of all times.
  • Lily of the Valley - Natives to the cool temperate regions of northern Eurasia, the Lily of The Valley has often been praised as the Stairs of the Heaven for its infectious ambrosial aroma. The bell shaped White flower works as an antidote for gas poisoning, reduces heart diseases, treats epilepsy and skin burns.
  • Tiger Lilies - Tiger lilies have derived its name from its appearance which somewhat resembles the skin of a tiger. The essence of these blossoms restrains combative nature in individuals and helps in comprehensive cure.
  • Eucharis Lilies - Eucharis lilies or Amazon Lilies, cultured in the central and southern lands of America are sweetly aromatic, waxy, extensively blooming blossoms. Amazon Lilies make great plotted plants as they are shade loving plants.

Lilly Colors and symbols:

  • White: A mark of purity and generosity. Sensational Pure Essence Eight White Lilies Bunch
  • Pink: Signifies good fortune and plethora
  • Red: Symbolizes passion and desire
  • Orange: Implies Courage, dignity and riches. Bright and Beautiful Lilies in Vase
  • Yellow: Concerns gratefulness and indulging in amusement.
  • Easter Lily: The floral symbol of Virgin Mary
  • Tiger Lily: A mark of pride, which is in a positive connotation and also signifies wealth.

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