Floriography of Birds of Paradise and Carnations

The ethereal and exquisite beauty of Mother Nature- the Fresh Flowers, have made the world a colorful kaleidoscope which otherwise would have been quite a dull place. The grace and glamour of the extravagant blossoms never falls short of its charm. Apart from its glorifying presence, an Enthralling Bouquet of Buxom Blossoms not only adds tonal shade and texture to the environment, but its sublime and refreshing aroma delivers an optimistic vibe, which evacuates even tiny the strands of negativity. Consequently, we have come up with some detailed floral insights along with the accessibility of Online Delivery of Flowers to Ahmedabad from any part of the world, for the loved individuals of your lives. There are hundreds of Assorted Flowers Bouquets to choose from. Yet, the most sought-after ones are listed beneath.

Birds of Paradise (BOP)

This alluring blossom is just one of a kind. With its unique frame giving it a bird like appearance, (thereafter deriving the name) comprises of multi-colored bracts or transfigured leaves drawing the impression of a soaring bird. A series of vividly colored bracts (4-8inches long) fill the entire plant giving it a kayak-like structure. Occasionally termed as Crane Flowers, its unusual yet gorgeous appeal makes it the number one pick for all seasons and definitely for all reasons. BOP is primarily found within the boundaries of South Africa.

The frondescence of a BOP replicates tiny banana leaves with a long petiole (or stalk), which are arranged in a crown-like notion to give the plan an enticing ornamental appeal. The thick and ever shining radiant leaves add a special icing to its pictorial beauty and makes it a perfect landscape plant.

The BOP requires good amount of sunlight thrives best in indoor temperatures with no less than 50�F (10�C) and requires adequate watering during days of spring and summers while during winters and monsoons, irrigation isn't a mandatory job. BOP prospers best under water-soluble fertilizers and moist soil.

Birds Of Paradise forms magnificent medium sized tropical bouquets when combined within other floral arrangements like the Beautiful Bouquet of Birds of Paradise and Anthuriums

The rare formation and the subtle pastel hues of the Birds of Paradise have made it every florist's number one choice. BOP is the floral logo of Los Angeles city.

Other prominent breeds of BOP are-

  • White Birds of Paradise
  • African Desert Banana
  • White or Giant Birds of Paradise, also known as Wild Banana
  • Strelitzia or Crane Lilies



Apotheosized for centuries, Carnations have been noteworthy for its disheveled look attained by the rumpled petals. Its clove like aroma and protracted blooming duration has made the blossom a focal choice of every florist. Carnations renowned as the Flowers of the Gods is an amalgamation of two Latin words - dios meaning God (Representing Lord Zeus) and anthos meaning flower, thus forming its scientific name Dianthus. There has been a clash between two foundations which suggest duo derivation of the name Carnations. While one group claims that the flower has received its name from the Roman word Corone (Coronation) mirroring flower, the other batch proposes an alternative implication, which says that the blossom has earned its name from the Latin word caro , meaning flesh (as it was the color of the very first carnation).Meanwhile, there has been a tertiary assumption to the blossom's name derivation which says that Carnations have obtained its name from incarnation, which substitutes embodiment of God in the flesh. These radiant bunches of ceaseless beauty are primarily cultured in 3 breeds - large, spray and dwarf.

Native to Mediterranean region, this perennial plantation has its own secret language to tailor.

Regardless of having a unanimous significance of love along with distinction and fascination, Carnations with its varied range of soft pastel hues adorn different classifications.

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