Floriography of Roses

The unrivaled of all, the evergreen blossom of Roses has derived its name from the Latin word Rosa. The blossom is bred in a variety of over 150 species all across the Northern hemisphere, from Alaska to Mexico including Northern Africa. In Greek mythology it is believed that roses have evolved out of the tears and blood of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love for her paramour Adonis. These gorgeous fragrant blooms are cultured in profuse in an array of shades like- White, yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, purple. With its exhilarating charisma, velvet-like appearance and soul soothing aroma, this stunning bunch of beauties are typically reared in 3 popular species-

  • Species - Blossoming once in late spring or early summer, the Species also termed as Wild Roses are the prevailing parents to our modern day roses.
  • Old Garden Roses - Most popular breed of roses in temperate climatic regions. Cultured in soft pastel shads, these blossoms are the leading choice of all cultivators as they come in a variety of color, shapes and sizes. Example- Alba, Ayrshire, Bourbon, China, Damask and many more.
  • Modern Day Roses - Modern day roses are cross cultured blossoms incorporating the following varieties - Climbing, Floribunda, Grandiflora, Hybrid Musk, Hybrid Rugosa, Hybrid Tea, Polyanthus etc.

Various Hues of Roses and their Implications:

  • White - Signifies innocence and humility. Also termed as Bridal Rose as a bunch of White roses Zesty Collection of White Roses Bunch are quintessential in Christian weddings.
  • Yellow - Yellow Roses Passionate Seasons Greetings Collection express Friendship and enthusiasm.
  • Orange - Recognizes dream, acknowledgement and zeal.
  • Pink - Blushing Pink Roses Bouquet of Beautiful Blushing Peach or Pink Roses conveys love at first site or sweet romance. While Dark Pink roses are a traditional symbol of thanksgiving and acknowledgement, the pale pink ones generally signify adoration and quite often tailor the message of sympathy.
  • Red - There's nothing better than a Red Rose to say I Love You. Rich red Rose symbolizes eternal love and intense passion Ever-Budding Romance with Red Roses in a Basket for that special someone.
  • Blue - Rare as the Blue Moon, blue roses denotes immortality, love, affluence and good fortune. In a deeper sense, blue roses symbolize Blue or Royal Blood and stands for imperial grandeur and majesty.
  • Purple - Meanings of purple roses may vary according to the various shades it possesses. While a pure Purple Rose is the ultimate floral choice of magical love and royalty, lighter shades of purple like that of lavender may suggest Love at first sight or true love. On the other hand, darker tones of purple express commitment in love and romantic alliance.
  • Black - The thing such as Black Rose doesn't really exist in nature, what exists is richer shades of red and maroon roses which give it the appearance of a black one. Black has always been synonymous to death and mourning, therefore the mystical Black Rose signifies bereavement, melancholy, misfortune and fatality.

Over the years, along with appreciating the worth of the real flowers, people have also started to acknowledge the magnificence of the artificial ones. In the ancient period, the great skill of producing creative floral endeavors came from parts of China, Rome, Italy, South America and Egypt. On one hand Chinese used handy rice-papers to create the artificial florals whereas, on the other hand, gaudy and vivid feathers of birds, wax and shaded cases were used by the South Americans to model artificial Flowers. For Romans, however, gold and silver were the objects chosen for the creation of artificial flowers, but for the Italians it was the utilization of silkworm cocoons to craft these beauties. And lastly, the Egyptians made use of prismatic thin plates of horns to curve out the artificial flowers. With the forthcoming of the 18th century, the scenario somewhat changed and the flower making industry made it presence felt and became a celebrated affair. Quiet a number of prominent factories grew up in the Guangdong province of China and this venture went on to become a prominent business. However in the contemporary days, Italians were the first to acquire the deftness in flower making. With the passage of time, English, American and especially French artists showed great knack in this field. The Chinese and Japanese still remains the untouchable clan when it comes to floral making. And, most of their works makes use of materials like that of- polyester and paper, nylon, silk, soap, clay, glass and plastic.

These floral artworks perfectly fit into the 22nd century, where the hypersensitive mass having trouble in breathing in the company of certain breeds of blossoms can easily avail these Artificial Flowers in order to exhilarate the glamour and grace of their residence Long Lasting - Orchids Garden or for conveying emotions through the immortal beauties Long Lasting - Red Roses Bouquet to any dear person concerned.

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