Floriography of Zinnias and Gerberas


Zinnias are beautiful, durable, aridity tolerant and sun loving blossoms. It is one among all the flowers which grows for an extended period of time and stands for endurance. Natives to Southern part of United States, Central America and Mexico, these blossoms portend thoughts of a lost friend, a mark of daily reminiscence and eternal devotion.

Zinnias are both perennial annual flowering plants, a home to around 20 different species is bred in hues of White, yellow, red, pink, orange, magenta and emerald green. Named after a German Botanist Dr.Johann Gottfried Zinn, Zinnias prefer fertile, well-drained soils to bloom. A recommended bloom by all garden-lovers, it is one of the most popular flowers for arrangements and bouquets.

Notes colors and significances of Zinnias:

  • Yellow: Marks everyday recollection or afterthought.
  • White: Mirrors genuine graciousness.
  • Magenta: Signifies eternal affection.
  • Red: Stands for steady heartbeat.
  • Mixed: Marks the absence of a dear friend.

Zinnias are the best when it comes to tailoring the message that setbacks are just temporary and the bad time is not here to stay for any long and a person will definitely reach his goal, surpassing all the obstacles that come in the way. Zinnias tremendous endurance capability also signifies that the darkness of the night will just disappear with a bright, sunny morning. Hence, Zinnias symbolizes never ending hope.



Gerberas are perennial flowering plants with striking two-lipped blossoms. Gerberas appear to be a single entity but is an array of hundreds of florets. These blossoms are the most prominent ones to florists' right next to Carnations and Roses. Gerberas are natives to Transvaal, South Africa and are extensively cultured in Africa right up to Madagascar including certain regions of South America and Asia.

These 7 inches measuring blossom add great color and charm to gardens and are bred in a variety of shades like that of vibrant yellow, orange, pink, glamorous scarlet, rich red Tender Assemble of Fifteen Mixed Gerberas and many more. Gerberas are universally used for embellishing dinner tables and in landscapes as bedding flowers for the borders.

4 popular Gerbera types:

  • Single Flower Gerberas - These blossoms have non-overlapping ray florets with green disc-shaped centers. The most common ones available in the markets.
  • Duplex or Double Flower Gerberas - These Gerberas have duple rows of overlapping petals with green, black or rich red cores.
  • Crested Double Gerberas - These duplex blossoms incorporates double rows of ray florets with single or multiple inner rows crafted out of shorter petals with green, black or dark red eyes.
  • Full Crested Double Gerberas - These have solid strands of overlapping petals with an inner row descending in size, covering the entire core.

Gerberas radiate immense bliss and each shade conveys a different significance. Notable ones are-

  • White: White defines purity of heart and gifting someone a bunch of these gaudy White blossoms would signify the recipient's innocent and pure soul.
  • Yellow: Vibrant yellow gerberas stands for eternal friendship and happiness. Fascinating Bouquet of One Dozen Gerberas
  • Orange: Conveying your feelings to the sole sunshine of your life is best when done by presenting a corsage of bright orange gerberas. The magnificent orange gerberas marks cheerfulness, lively spirit and compassion.
  • Red: Red is the universal color of love and same goes with Gerberas. Gifting Red Gerberas signify that the sender is completely drowned in love with the receiver. Red Gerberas are a true symbol of passion and desire.
  • Pink: Dark Pink Gerberas are a symbol of gratitude while the light ones convey adoration and empathy.
  • Purple: A regal bouquet for appreciating the elegance, grace and beauty of a lady.

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