Giving Definitions to Feelings through Florals

From Reds to Whites and again from Yellows to Pinks, every shade of a floral has a different story to tell. Whether there are tales of love that finds definition through the ever classic Bouquet of Spectacular Red Roses. Or, there are memoirs of lost friendship that gets rekindled via a sweet surprise of Artful Yellow Gerberas Bouquet. Every hue of these infinite blossoms depicts a certain meaning or the other. And these connotations serve each and every occasion of life. Thus, our online portal has taken a small but efficient initiative to tailor messages of your heart through the variegated tones of blossoms. With our added on services of Same Day Delivery and Midnight Delivery one can easily tether feelings of vigor and glee to the dearest individuals of one's life, residing in Ahmedabad. Underneath, there's a series of a few elementary Flower shades and their significances to elect flower arrangements from -

  • White: White is the color for the circle of life, the color for all the symbolic events that takes place within a normal human being's lifespan. Right from birth to times of condolensing a family on a dear one's demise, from expressing purity and chastity in love, to walking down the aisle during weddings, all the significant events witness the presence of the beautiful White florals. Examples- White Roses- Zesty Collection of White Roses Bunch, White Lilies- Sensational Pure Essence White Lilies Bunch and White Carnations - Blossoming Bouquet of White Carnations.
  • Pink: Pink represents young romance and at the same time conveys deep emotional maturity. Different shades convey various meanings- Dark pink suggests friendship, fun and frolic where as pale pinks blossoms are a mark of femininity which symbolizes emotional restoration and inner calm. Examples- Pink Lilies - Gladsome Bouquet of Startling Lilies, Pink Gerberas - Urbane Bunch of Pink Gerberas and Pink Roses - Bouquet of Pink beautiful Roses.
  • Red: Gifting an array of Red blossoms is the perfect gesture of conveying your true and intense love for someone. With beauty, intimacy and passionate desire as its symbol, red florals have an extraordinary vibe which knows no restraint. Examples - Rich Red Roses- Thrilling Heart Shaped Red Rose Bouquet, Red Carnations- Precious Bloom Red Gerberas Bouquet and Red Gazania.
  • Yellow: The sight of sun-drenched yellow blossoms evoke the feeling of joy and cheerfulness. Presenting a bouquet of bright yellow blossoms tailors the message of hope or a new beginning to prior damaged relationship. The Yellow florals aim at uplifting gloomy environments and acts as a token of happiness and rejuvenation. Examples- Yellow Chrysanthemums, Yellow Sunflowers, Yellow Roses Magnificent Elegance Bunch of Yellow Roses.
  • Orange: Bright shades of Orange Blossoms mirror affinity and courage. Orange florals speak of ebullience, exhilaration and euphoria. Example- Orange Lilies - Bouquet of Charming Lilies.
  • Blue: True blue floral arrangements act as an antidote towards angst and revive peace and serenity. An exotic blue blossom, rare in existence stands as the righteous symbol of untamed ambition and inspiration. Examples- Blue hydrangeas, Blue Orchids Zesty Bouquet of Brilliant Blossoms and Blue Iris.
  • Lavender: The most precious hue among all other floral shades, the lavender color symbolizes womanhood with sheer elegance and utmost poise. Examples- Balloon Flower, Lily of the Nile, Lavender Flower, Dwarf Iris, etc.
  • Purple: A purple floral depicts pride and honor along with grandeur and sheen. Purple blossoms are mostly bestowed upon people wanting an optimistic change in their living. Examples- Purple Orchids Vibrant Blooms Purple Orchid Stems Bunch
  • Green: Green flowers are equivalent to nature. Therefore, it denotes well-being, resurrection and boyhood or the spring time of one's life. Green blossoms bring great luck to the person on the receiving end. Example- Green Day Lily, Green Rose, Green Carnations and Green Zinnias.

Birthday Flowers:

  • January - White and Red
  • February - Sky-blue and Violet
  • March - Yellow
  • April - Pink
  • May - White and Green
  • June - Red or Cream
  • July - Pink and Russet
  • August - Light Green or Orange
  • September - Dark Blue and Purple
  • October - Orange and Mixed
  • November - Yellow or Red
  • December - White, Indigo and Sea-Green

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