Holi - The True Hindu Festival of Love

Holi is an India festival celebrated by all Hindus in the season of spring. It marks the entrance of the spring season and brings lot of freshness with it. Like for many Hindu festivals, Holi also has legends behind it. The legend of Hiranyakashipa - the king who treated Lord Vishnu as his enemy, and his son Prahlada and Hiranyakahsipa's sister Holika is very well known. That is the reason why Holi festival is also marked on the name of Holika.

The story of Love behind Holi

On the other hand, Holi has another legend connected with it that dates back to the Puranic age of India. The legend goes like this - Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvati are known as the first ever eternal couple of Hinduism. Goddess Parvati's father did not approve of Lord Shiva saying that he has no money and not rich. Once it happens that Goddess Parvati's father disrespects Lord Shiva in front of all guests. This causes a lot of dissatisfaction in her and she feels it as the greatest insult to her loving husband. She jumps into fire and sacrifices her life unable to bear the insult. 

When Lord Shiva comes to know about this, he gets unbearable anger and goes into penance to enliven his beloved wife Parvati. Then, the Lord of love Manmadha wants to distract Lord Shiva's penance as he thinks the Universe needs his care more. He tries to divert Lord Shiva's attention by sending love arrows to the Great Lord. This irritates Lord Shiva, who opens his third eye and turns Manmadha into ashes. Rati Devi, the wife of Manmadha wails her heart on this incident and pleads Lord Shiva to bring back her husband to life. Also all the other Gods requested Lord Shiva to bring back Manmadha to life as all the creatures in this universe need love. 

Then Lord Shiva accepts the requests and brings back Manmadha, the God of love back to life. And this is the full moon day of first month of lunar year or the full moon day of the first month of the first season i.e., spring or Vasanta season of the year. From then on, all the people of Earth have been celebrating the full moon day of the first month of the lunar year as the festival of celebration of the rebirth of love.

Hence Holi is a beautiful celebration of love and its rebirth. It is celebrated by everyone with joy, fun and happiness.

Holi Traditions

The festival of Holi is celebrated two days in general. The first day includes Holika Dahan, a bonfire that brings families and friends together with great fun and love. The next day, people play with colours, and then relish on Holi special recipes, sweets like Gujiya, Motichoor Ladoo and drinks such as Thandai. Holi fun also mainly involves dancing along with friends and family to amazing Bollywood beats that gives enough energy to go ahead with our life. 

Holi Gifts to Ahmedabad

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Happy Gifting! Happy Holi!!

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