Numerology by Flowers

Numerology is believed by many people all across the world. It is a subject that relates the date of birth of an individual with a particular number that explains their destiny, relationships, career, money, health and business and many aspects of their lives.

Numerology works basically on two mathematical principles - The Cabbalistic and Pythagorean. The relation between numerology and flowers is that each flower is associated with a different kind of number according to its vibrations. 

When people exchange correct Flower that is suited to their type as per numerology, the results are at their best. The recipient will be healthier, happier and blessed. Various researches proved that Flowers that are a perfect match for the person when gifted can work wonders.

Let us understand how numerology and Flowers are interconnected.

How to know your life number?

Life number and flowers are interrelated. It is the life number that explains many traits of us. If you want to know your life number, just add all the digits of your date of birth to a single digit. For example, if your date of birth is September 22nd, 1967, then on adding each digit of your birth date: 2+2+9+1+9+6+7=36. Now, add these two again 3+6=9 then your life number is actually 9.

So if you are looking for sending Flowers to Ahmedabad to your dear ones based on numerology, here is some information that you should know:

Life number One: They are ambitious and sometimes can get tired because of their tendency to overwork. Send them Flannel, Crossandra, and Harvest Lily to relax and distress them.

Life number Two: They are polite, and sometimes others can take them for granted too much. Send them a bouquet of Salvia to help them make decisions with ease and to make them emotionally stronger. Alzea and Pink Seaweed also suit these people.

Life Number Three: These guys are super enthusiasts and always want something new to explore. Bauhinia can calm them down and Grape and Gardenia help them provide positive vibrations. You can also send them Almond essence to soothe their nerves and calm them down.

Life Number Four: A bunch of Zinnia works wonders for these loyalists and dependable persons. You can rely on them for any situation and you will never feel lonely in their presence. However, people tend to take them as serious. Baby's breath and Cayenne are also their best companions.

Life Number Five: Explores and challenge lovers, these people will love Day Lilies. You can also gift them Bouquet of Harmony or Coconut to distress them and keep them lively and charming.

Life number Six: Red Chestnut, Holly, and Dagger Hakea make perfect gifts for them. These people are caring and you are lucky if you got one as your friend. You can also consider Oregon Grape, Lemon Grass and Mallow in the bouquets that you order for them, as these plants help them relax and calms them immensely.

Life Number Seven: For these sensitive people and spiritual seekers, Wildwood violets make the best choice for gifting. Chamomile and Virburnum also go well for them.

Life Number Eight: Trillium and Elm are the top choices for this group of people. These people like success and reaching out to their ambitions and these flowers are just a perfect choice for them.

Life Number Nine: For these artistic people, Crowea and White Petunia make a good choice of flowers. They help them to maintain the balance and keep them away from making impulsive decisions.

Now that you know, which flowers should be gifted to whom, your next choice of online Flower delivery and Gifts to Ahmedabad is pretty easy! Isn't it? Happy Gifting!!

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