One Women Many Roles

Without women, the survival on this Earth would cease. There is no doubt in it. Right from the moment, a human is born each and every step of the life is associated with a woman - Mother, sister, friend, lover, wife, daughter, grand daughter, grandmother, aunt, etc. In fact, if a man's life has only men all through it, it would undoubtedly be an incomplete one. 

Women play many roles in making life complete. The moment they are born as a girl child to their parents, they become their parent's first love. They fill their life with colours, joy and happiness. As days pass by, when the girl takes up the role of sister, a new trustworthy friend on whom you can rely for lifelong is born. You can share, ask, fight, cry, laugh, talk and do what your heart needs all with your sister.

The best lines ever said by a Man: "When I was born, a woman was there to hold me" - My MOTHER.

Once entering into school or college, girls make good friends - sometimes friends for life. Definitely each one of us has had a good girl friend at school age who must have shared her lunch box, or helped you during last minute assignments, or saved you from principal's wrath. 

Who else can make a better love to a man than a woman? Her eyes and her heart is enough to give that peace and emotions that a man stressed with various tensions has been longing for. It may not sound wrong that had there been no woman; there would be no love at all on this earth.

As a wife, she is for a man - entirely, say a financial minister, a mother, a cook, a care taker, a support, an adviser etc. For children, she is the first friend, first teacher, first inspiration, first love. We have seen in many cases of successful people who have shared their experiences that their mother had been their inspiration and that's her support that helped them to achieve and stand at what they are now. Such is the power of a woman as a mother for her children.

The digital era's women are happily donning a new avatar too - professional. Be it as employee in an office, or an entrepreneur of a start-up, a doctor, a teacher, a military woman who stands and protects the border, or an air pilot who runs a fighter jet - women are capable of doing everything. They proved that they can in fact perform better than their counterparts.

On this women's day, make that women in your life feel special. Though no gift can equal their services and compromises they make in their life, shower them your love with a sweet and memorable Woman's Day Gift.

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All that your gift should say is Happy Women's Day for making my life so Special and Thank you for that.

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