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The ethereal and exquisite beauty of Mother Nature- the Fresh Flowers, have made the world a colorful kaleidoscope which otherwise would have been quite a dull place. The grace and glamour of the extravagant blossoms never falls short of its charm. Apart from its glorifying presence, an Enthralling Bouquet of Buxom Blossoms not only adds tonal shade and texture to the environment, but its sublime and refreshing aroma delivers an optimistic vibe, which evacuates even tiny the strands of negativity. Consequently, we have come up with some detailed floral insights along with the accessibility of Online Delivery of Flowers to Ahmedabad from any part of the world, for the loved individuals of your lives. There are hundreds of Assorted Flowers Bouquets to choose from. Yet, the most sought-after ones are listed beneath.

Birds of Paradise (BOP)

This alluring blossom is just one of a kind. With its unique frame giving it a bird like appearance, (thereafter deriving the name) comprises of multi-colored bracts or transfigured leaves drawing the impression of a soaring bird. A series of vividly colored bracts (4-8inches long) fill the entire plant giving it a kayak-like structure. Occasionally termed as Crane Flowers, its unusual yet gorgeous appeal makes it the number one pick for all seasons and definitely for all reasons. BOP is primarily found within the boundaries of South Africa.

The frondescence of a BOP replicates tiny banana leaves with a long petiole (or stalk), which are arranged in a crown-like notion to give the plan an enticing ornamental appeal. The thick and ever shining radiant leaves add a special icing to its pictorial beauty and makes it a perfect landscape plant.

The BOP requires good amount of sunlight thrives best in indoor temperatures with no less than 50°F (10°C) and requires adequate watering during days of spring and summers while during winters and monsoons, irrigation isn’t a mandatory job. BOP prospers best under water-soluble fertilizers and moist soil.

Birds Of Paradise forms magnificent medium sized tropical bouquets when combined within other floral arrangements like the Beautiful Bouquet of Birds of Paradise and Anthuriums

The rare formation and the subtle pastel hues of the Birds of Paradise have made it every florist’s number one choice. BOP is the floral logo of Los Angeles city.

Other prominent breeds of BOP are-

  • White Birds of Paradise
  • African Desert Banana
  • White or Giant Birds of Paradise, also known as Wild Banana
  • Strelitzia or Crane Lilies


Apotheosized for centuries, Carnations have been noteworthy for its disheveled look attained by the rumpled petals. Its clove like aroma and protracted blooming duration has made the blossom a focal choice of every florist. Carnations renowned as the Flowers of the Gods is an amalgamation of two Latin words - dios meaning God (Representing Lord Zeus) and anthos meaning flower, thus forming its scientific name Dianthus. There has been a clash between two foundations which suggest duo derivation of the name Carnations. While one group claims that the flower has received its name from the Roman word Corone (Coronation) mirroring flower, the other batch proposes an alternative implication, which says that the blossom has earned its name from the Latin word caro , meaning flesh (as it was the color of the very first carnation).Meanwhile, there has been a tertiary assumption to the blossom’s name derivation which says that Carnations have obtained its name from incarnation, which substitutes embodiment of God in the flesh. These radiant bunches of ceaseless beauty are primarily cultured in 3 breeds - large, spray and dwarf.

Native to Mediterranean region, this perennial plantation has its own secret language to tailor.

Regardless of having a unanimous significance of love along with distinction and fascination, Carnations with its varied range of soft pastel hues adorn different classifications.


Natives to north and central Europe, daisies are elementary yet classy bundles of gorgeousness. Representatives of innocence and purity, daisies are typically composed of White ray florets with yellow disc like centers, forming the eye of the blossom. Daisies cater to both occasions of gifting and planting. These blossoms are cultivated in abundance having multiple species which covers a whopping number of 20,000 and beyond.

Daisies belong to the most gigantic plant kingdom in the entire globe (after orchids) which has however derived its name from an age old English word daes eag meaning day’s eye. Keeping up to its name, the flower blooms on the day’s very first sight of the sun. Universally these blossoms require moist and well- drenched composite soil with a temperature of around 34°F to germinate. Also known as a Gardener’s friend, this perennial flower can thrive almost any inhospitable condition. Bountiful of remedial properties, a daisy is well known for curing cough and indigestion and often decreases bleeding wounds. As mentioned earlier there are a number of species of daisies fertilized all over the world. Among these, the most prominent ones are-

  • Gerbera Daisies - Gerbera daisies have quintessential structure of a regular daisy, with bright fan like petals drooping downwards from its epicenter. This particular species of daisies are really fragile and are native to South Africa, Madagascar and Asia. Humidity not being a major factor, it can be grown in both outdoors and indoors. The flower is 2-5inches wide the attached petiole being 6-10inches long. Gerbera daisies require ample watering incase of low rainfall and are found in a series of reds, Whites, oranges, pinks and yellows.

  • Shasta Daisies - The most common daisy found all year long are the Shasta daisies. Associated with the family of European wildflowers, Shasta daisies possess White petals having a yellow centre replicating any other daisy found whenever an individual surfs pictures of typical daisies. These daisies are not only the most colossal ones but are also bred in hefty numbers of types and sizes. Shasta daisies need moist soils and needs a spot which receives a good amount of sunlight for a fair amount of hours to bloom and sustain its gorgeousness. Considered as the most classic of all daisies, Shasta daisies mirror a fully lustrous beaming sun on a dazzling summer day.

  • Other breeds of daisies may include- Gloriosa Daisies, Marguerite Daisies, Purple Coneflower and many more.


Eurasian flower Tulips is remarked as a symbol of Ottoman Empire and the 3rd most popular bloom of all time next to Rose and Chrysanthemum. Tulips are summer perennial blossoms of 4 inches wide and can rise up to 28 inches above the ground. Tulips grow on bulbous plants with magnificent colossal flowers and high rising petioles.

Tulips bloom on bulbous plants, with huge gaudy flowers. There are at least 100 breeds of Tulips, which were preeminently bred in Central Asia from where its existence can be traced down upon. Like many flowers, different colors of tulips also often carry their own connotation. Red tulips robustly correlate with true love, while purple signifies sovereignty. The implication of yellow tulips has evolved somewhat, from once depicting unaccounted love to now being a prevailing interpretation for enthusiasm and optimism. White tulips are used to claim competence or to tailor the message of forgiveness. Diversified tulips, one of the most popular breeds due to their arresting color patterns, mirror or signify beautiful eyes.

As on the World’s most beloved blossom, tulips are a gift of delight, bewitching and intriguing.


The most desired of all ornate blossoms, the celestial and graceful Orchid derived its name from the Greek word Orkhis’, named by a Greek Botanist Theophrastus as the flower signified virility. Due to its name, Orchids has been quite long associated with love, passion and fertility in different ages and time periods. Highly adaptable to a wide range of ecosystem, orchids naturally grow in every continent barring that of Antarctica.

Like every other blossom, different hues of Orchids bear a significant implication. Some of them are-

  • White Orchids: Represents chastity and artlessness, quite often symbolizes magnificence and adoration too.

  • Pink Orchids: Mirrors womanhood, finesse and liveliness. Bouquet of Pink orchids is perfect gift for a couple celebrating their 14th or 25th marriage anniversary.

  • Yellow Orchids: Signifies friendship and can be gifted to a friend as a note of appreciation to acknowledge an achievement.

  • Purple Orchids: A symbol of aristocracy, purple orchids can be presented as a mark of respect and honor. E.g.- Bouquet of attractive fresh Orchids and Simply Captivating Purple Orchids Bouquet

  • Orange Orchids: Symbolizes dignity, ardor and fearlessness.


The earliest blooming tree that has been traced down to be the first ever known flowering plant to the human race is Magnolia. Natives to North America, Central America and West Indies, the most common of all, the 50feet tall Southern Magnolia is profusely bred in North America.

The official state flower of Mississippi and Louisiana, magnolias have been said to have anti-anxiety and anti-antigenic properties. Magnolia blossoms and barks have long been accepted by the Chinese to cure for very many diseases. Few modern day medicines incorporates relatable quantities of Magnolia flower as it serves as a cure for lung congestion, different lung ailments, cough & cold, menstrual cramps, and many more such illness.

Primarily Magnolias stand for eternal grace and stability since they are thought to be the first ever plant that has ever existed in this planet and has survived 100 million years retaining the same blueprint. Like every other flower, different hues of Magnolia have different significances and implications. The prominent ones are:

  • White Magnolias: Represents Moon or any other celestial Goddess, for spell casts on Mondays, a mark of purity or chastity.

  • Yellow Magnolias: Symbolizes sun or any divine solar entity or any sort of spell cast on Sunday.

  • Pink Magnolias: Represents Goddess of Love like Venus or Aphrodite, a mark of woman-hood, love and friendship.

  • Purple Magnolias: A mark of Roman Royalty since decades, distinctively effective in Governmental achievements.


Apprized for its gaudy blossoms and appealing aroma, lilies have always been the leading choice for bouquets and corsages. Deriving its name from the Greek word Leiron, the flower is believed to have bloomed from the milk of Hera, the Queen of Greek Gods. The Lilies have also being acknowledged of being the May birth flower and quite often gifted on 30th marriage anniversaries as it mirrors adherence. In China, lilies are used in wedding ceremonies since it implies 100years of love and great luck in marital life. Assyrians and Babylonians have always associated lily with the Goddess of fertility- Ishtar, whereas, Christians associate it with Virgin Mary.

Lily flowers are bred over more than some hundred species, found in Eurasia, across Philippines right up to Japan and many parts of India. Lilies are truly glamorous garden plantations arguing for well-drained soil and 6-8 hours of sun exposure. Their charm, diversity, extended blooming period and exquisite fragrance makes it an ideal bunch of beauty to be the host of any joyous occasion or for uplifting or alleviating a sad soul.

Lilies are likely to cultivate in the species of Stargazer Lilies, Casablanca Lilies, Calla Lilies, Lily of the Valley, Tiger Lilies and Eucharis Lilies.

  • Calla Lilies - The most magnificent of all lilies, the natives of South Africa, Calla Lilies have derived its named from the Greek word Calla(beautiful) and is said to be the most gorgeous of all other breeds of lilies. Calla lilies are a great choice for adorning bedsides and embellishing houses as potted plants.

  • Stargazer Lilies - The most demanded blossom out of all lilies, as marked by numerous florists. These lilies posses an exotic aroma which makes it so very special.

  • Casablanca Lilies - Even in the crowd of a bunch of dainty blossoms, the Casablanca is a sheer standout. With its divine beauty and soothing aroma this White blossom is often regarded as the finest oriental lilies of all times.

  • Lily of the Valley - Natives to the cool temperate regions of northern Eurasia, the Lily of The Valley has often been praised as the Stairs of the Heaven for its infectious ambrosial aroma. The bell shaped White flower works as an antidote for gas poisoning, reduces heart diseases, treats epilepsy and skin burns.

  • Tiger Lilies - Tiger lilies have derived its name from its appearance which somewhat resembles the skin of a tiger. The essence of these blossoms restrains combative nature in individuals and helps in comprehensive cure.

  • Eucharis Lilies - Eucharis lilies or Amazon Lilies, cultured in the central and southern lands of America are sweetly aromatic, waxy, extensively blooming blossoms. Amazon Lilies make great plotted plants as they are shade loving plants.

Lilly Colors and symbols:

  • White: A mark of purity and generosity. Sensational Pure Essence Eight White Lilies Bunch

  • Pink: Signifies good fortune and plethora

  • Red: Symbolizes passion and desire

  • Orange: Implies Courage, dignity and riches. Bright and Beautiful Lilies in Vase

  • Yellow: Concerns gratefulness and indulging in amusement.

  • Easter Lily: The floral symbol of Virgin Mary

  • Tiger Lily: A mark of pride, which is in a positive connotation and also signifies wealth.


Zinnias are beautiful, durable, aridity tolerant and sun loving blossoms. It is one among all the flowers which grows for an extended period of time and stands for endurance. Natives to Southern part of United States, Central America and Mexico, these blossoms portend thoughts of a lost friend, a mark of daily reminiscence and eternal devotion.

Zinnias are both perennial annual flowering plants, a home to around 20 different species is bred in hues of White, yellow, red, pink, orange, magenta and emerald green. Named after a German Botanist Dr.Johann Gottfried Zinn, Zinnias prefer fertile, well-drained soils to bloom. A recommended bloom by all garden-lovers, it is one of the most popular flowers for arrangements and bouquets.

Notes colors and significances of Zinnias:

  • Yellow: Marks everyday recollection or afterthought.

  • White: Mirrors genuine graciousness.

  • Magenta: Signifies eternal affection.

  • Red: Stands for steady heartbeat.

  • Mixed: Marks the absence of a dear friend.

Zinnias are the best when it comes to tailoring the message that setbacks are just temporary and the bad time is not here to stay for any long and a person will definitely reach his goal, surpassing all the obstacles that come in the way. Zinnias tremendous endurance capability also signifies that the darkness of the night will just disappear with a bright, sunny morning. Hence, Zinnias symbolizes never ending hope.


Gerberas are perennial flowering plants with striking two-lipped blossoms. Gerberas appear to be a single entity but is an array of hundreds of florets. These blossoms are the most prominent ones to florists’ right next to Carnations and Roses. Gerberas are natives to Transvaal, South Africa and are extensively cultured in Africa right up to Madagascar including certain regions of South America and Asia.

These 7 inches measuring blossom add great color and charm to gardens and are bred in a variety of shades like that of vibrant yellow, orange, pink, glamorous scarlet, rich red Tender Assemble of Fifteen Mixed Gerberas and many more. Gerberas are universally used for embellishing dinner tables and in landscapes as bedding flowers for the borders.

4 popular Gerbera types:

  • Single Flower Gerberas - These blossoms have non-overlapping ray florets with green disc-shaped centers. The most common ones available in the markets.

  • Duplex or Double Flower Gerberas - These Gerberas have duple rows of overlapping petals with green, black or rich red cores.

  • Crested Double Gerberas - These duplex blossoms incorporates double rows of ray florets with single or multiple inner rows crafted out of shorter petals with green, black or dark red eyes.

  • Full Crested Double Gerberas - These have solid strands of overlapping petals with an inner row descending in size, covering the entire core.
Gerberas radiate immense bliss and each shade conveys a different significance. Notable ones are-

  • White: White defines purity of heart and gifting someone a bunch of these gaudy White blossoms would signify the recipient’s innocent and pure soul.

  • Yellow: Vibrant yellow gerberas stands for eternal friendship and happiness. Fascinating Bouquet of One Dozen Gerberas

  • Orange: Conveying your feelings to the sole sunshine of your life is best when done by presenting a corsage of bright orange gerberas. The magnificent orange gerberas marks cheerfulness, lively spirit and compassion.

  • Red: Red is the universal color of love and same goes with Gerberas. Gifting Red Gerberas signify that the sender is completely drowned in love with the receiver. Red Gerberas are a true symbol of passion and desire.

  • Pink: Dark Pink Gerberas are a symbol of gratitude while the light ones convey adoration and empathy.

  • Purple: A regal bouquet for appreciating the elegance, grace and beauty of a lady.


The unrivaled of all, the evergreen blossom of Roses has derived its name from the Latin word Rosa. The blossom is bred in a variety of over 150 species all across the Northern hemisphere, from Alaska to Mexico including Northern Africa. In Greek mythology it is believed that roses have evolved out of the tears and blood of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love for her paramour Adonis. These gorgeous fragrant blooms are cultured in profuse in an array of shades like- White, yellow, orange, pink, red, blue, purple. With its exhilarating charisma, velvet-like appearance and soul soothing aroma, this stunning bunch of beauties are typically reared in 3 popular species-

  • Species - Blossoming once in late spring or early summer, the Species also termed as Wild Roses are the prevailing parents to our modern day roses.

  • Old Garden Roses - Most popular breed of roses in temperate climatic regions. Cultured in soft pastel shads, these blossoms are the leading choice of all cultivators as they come in a variety of color, shapes and sizes. Example- Alba, Ayrshire, Bourbon, China, Damask and many more.

  • Modern Day Roses - Modern day roses are cross cultured blossoms incorporating the following varieties - Climbing, Floribunda, Grandiflora, Hybrid Musk, Hybrid Rugosa, Hybrid Tea, Polyanthus etc.

Various Hues of Roses and their Implications:

  • White - Signifies innocence and humility. Also termed as Bridal Rose as a bunch of White roses Zesty Collection of White Roses Bunch are quintessential in Christian weddings.

  • Yellow - Yellow Roses Passionate Seasons Greetings Collection express Friendship and enthusiasm.

  • Orange - Recognizes dream, acknowledgement and zeal.

  • Pink - Blushing Pink Roses Bouquet of Beautiful Blushing Peach or Pink Roses conveys love at first site or sweet romance. While Dark Pink roses are a traditional symbol of thanksgiving and acknowledgement, the pale pink ones generally signify adoration and quite often tailor the message of sympathy.

  • Red - There’s nothing better than a Red Rose to say I Love You. Rich red Rose symbolizes eternal love and intense passion Ever-Budding Romance with Red Roses in a Basket for that special someone.

  • Blue - Rare as the Blue Moon, blue roses denotes immortality, love, affluence and good fortune. In a deeper sense, blue roses symbolize Blue or Royal Blood and stands for imperial grandeur and majesty.

  • Purple - Meanings of purple roses may vary according to the various shades it possesses. While a pure Purple Rose is the ultimate floral choice of magical love and royalty, lighter shades of purple like that of lavender may suggest Love at first sight or true love. On the other hand, darker tones of purple express commitment in love and romantic alliance.

  • Black - The thing such as Black Rose doesn’t really exist in nature, what exists is richer shades of red and maroon roses which give it the appearance of a black one. Black has always been synonymous to death and mourning, therefore the mystical Black Rose signifies bereavement, melancholy, misfortune and fatality.

Over the years, along with appreciating the worth of the real flowers, people have also started to acknowledge the magnificence of the artificial ones. In the ancient period, the great skill of producing creative floral endeavors came from parts of China, Rome, Italy, South America and Egypt. On one hand Chinese used handy rice-papers to create the artificial florals whereas, on the other hand, gaudy and vivid feathers of birds, wax and shaded cases were used by the South Americans to model artificial Flowers. For Romans, however, gold and silver were the objects chosen for the creation of artificial flowers, but for the Italians it was the utilization of silkworm cocoons to craft these beauties. And lastly, the Egyptians made use of prismatic thin plates of horns to curve out the artificial flowers. With the forthcoming of the 18th century, the scenario somewhat changed and the flower making industry made it presence felt and became a celebrated affair. Quiet a number of prominent factories grew up in the Guangdong province of China and this venture went on to become a prominent business. However in the contemporary days, Italians were the first to acquire the deftness in flower making. With the passage of time, English, American and especially French artists showed great knack in this field. The Chinese and Japanese still remains the untouchable clan when it comes to floral making. And, most of their works makes use of materials like that of- polyester and paper, nylon, silk, soap, clay, glass and plastic.

These floral artworks perfectly fit into the 22nd century, where the hypersensitive mass having trouble in breathing in the company of certain breeds of blossoms can easily avail these Artificial Flowers in order to exhilarate the glamour and grace of their residence Long Lasting - Orchids Garden or for conveying emotions through the immortal beauties Long Lasting - Red Roses Bouquet to any dear person concerned.