Terms n Conditions

We shall try to deliver All Mother's Day order today (11th May, 2025). In certain cases in case we fail for reasons beyond our control; we shall surely deliver the order tomorrow as early as possible.

We strive to the best of ability to deliver orders timely, however due to Coronavirus Pandemic, some order s may be delayed due to governmental lockdowns and logistical challenges globally.

To update you on orders & query, please send us your message here or contact us at . We are Working From Our Homes and we shall reply back to your query at the earliest.

We are taking all kinds of precautions against the pandemic Corona (or Covid 19). We also expect our responsible customers will understand the gravity of the situation and hence we request you to please support us during this uncertain fighting times for the humanity.

Due to Covid 19 pandemic sweets supply is low, hence this year we shall dispatch Haldiram or Bhikaram Chandmal Sweets and Namkeen, as per availability. Both are brands at par. All requisite Safety n Hygiene will be maintained.

The quality of product is sole responsibility of respective Brand owners. If you are dissatisfied with the quality of product delivered, you can always raise a complaint on them through us.

Flower arrangements shown here are for reference and actual product may vary from the corresponding image exhibited due to limitation caused by availability of products. We do our best to give better result than shown. Few other items like Cycles, Pressure Cooker, T.V. etc. may also vary depending on availability of same stock. We reserve the right to alter the certain aspect of your order like the color/ model etc., however always ensuring full or higher value to our customers.

If ordered flowers/cake/sweets/other hand delivered gift items are not available in the respective city or town, we do our best to deliver flowers/cake/sweets/other similar quality gift items of equal value. We always ensure to serve our customers with equal or greater value.

The delivery schedule may vary from same day delivery to delivery within the next 1 to 3 business days, excluding the date of order depending on the delivery destination. Holidays may extend it further.

Under certain uncontrollable circumstances, delivery of certain items might not be possible. However, you always have the right to get 100% refund of your money.

To raise a complaint against any quality issue of product delivered, the customer/recipient is required to provide an image of the product delivered within 48 hours of delivery. Depending on the nature of complaint, refund or redelivery can be made. Any decision in this regard solely depends upon the website owner.

We hold the right to reschedule delivery to an earlier or later date in case of floods, Heavy Rains/ Bandh / Strike or any such circumstances not in our control.

Under any circumstances no claim of whatsoever nature will be liable other than the claim of 100% refund of payment made. You need to raise all such claims, if any, within 24 hours of delivery /non delivery.

If a customer wants to cancel an order he needs to do it at least 24 hours before the date of delivery or the date of shipment. However in all such cases 7% of the ordered amount will be deducted towards credit card processing expenses.

All claims are answerable to the jurisdiction of local Court only at Kolkata, India.

We always try to take an appointment over the phone prior delivery, but if the receiver or any representative is not available at the time of delivery, we shall take the order as delivered.

Since gift items such as Chocolates, Dry Fruits, Leather Bags, Watches etc. are generally dispatched through courier so we cannot assure exact time and date of delivery.

Prices of items which are subject to MRP restrictions are being sold on the website after adding up costs of our services, delivery and online transactions cost. The distribution could not be shown separately due to technical restrictions and are taken to be understood.

Bakeries make ready fresh baked cakes only after 10.30 am. So, fresh baked Cakes can be delivered only after that time. On your special request, we may keep the cake prior day in refrigerator for deliver the very next morning. But we don't advise our customer to do so.

Delivery of product on the preferred date can be guaranteed but particular time of delivery cannot be guaranteed. Normally we try to process the order for delivery as soon as possible ignoring your specific instruction to deliver on or before a particular time but we do not guarantee that. Apparently Gift items like Leather Bags, Toys, Watches, and Apparels etc that needs courier delivery are dispatched from our end well on time. We hold responsibility of delay in dispatch from our warehouse end but do not hold responsibility for delay from the logistic partners end.

The prices displayed on our website are for free delivery within city limits. Any delivery beyond city limits or for villages and moreover of perishable items may demand extra delivery charge. After delivery of such orders we may send a link for you to pay this extra delivery charge, if required. However, we do not intend to hold or delay such orders and ensure to deliver on preferred date.

The various logos/Trademark backed by product being sold by us on the website belong to respective companies and they are the owner of said Logo/Trademark. We only sell Non-Alcoholic Wine and Champagne (Sparkling Wine) through our website.

Orders including Midnight Orders received after 4 Pm IST shall normally be processed as next day orders, however on your request we shall try to deliver the same day. We appreciated if you give us a call after the placement of such urgent orders.

Right of Refusal: AhmedabadOnlineFlorists.com holds the right to refuse delivery of any order unconditionally. However, in such case we shall refund full order amount to the customer.

Due to any reason what so ever, if money has not been received against a served, processed or delivered order, both the customer & the recipient shall be equally tenable to compensate for the sum due. In case both the customer & the recipient refuse to pay us, we are liable to take legal steps to realize the sum due. Octroi charges if any needs to be paid by the consignee as this may be applicable in the Recipients State.

For any international delivery sent through courier, customer has to bear the extra custom charges levied by the custom dept of recipient's country; and we shall are not liable to pay any such charges.

We ensure full refund in case we are unable to deliver your order. But we shall not be liable for any other charges, loss of profits, emotional stress or any other liability etc. caused due to non-delivery.

But if problem arise in order delivery due to customer providing wrong address or incomplete information or recipient not reachable, then no refund shall be given.

 All Rakhi orders will be delivered at the earliest irrespective of delivery date chosen.

For delivery at Hostels, Hotels or Hospitals address, POD signed at the reception or by security personnel will be considered a valid proof of delivery. Though we try to seek the sign of actual intended recipient but at such places we cannot assure it for the reasons beyond our control. And if the delivery boy is stopped at the premises gate of any of such locations we try to get in touch with the recipient. If we cannot get through recipient’s phone we consider it as an attempted delivery.

We dispatch all consignments as per your orders but we do not take responsibility of clearance at respective Countries Custom Counter. It has to be done at you end.

"By accepting our T&C, you also agree to be bound by the policies and you accept to receive all communication matters, notification, newsletters, promotional matters etc. through various media channels". However, we ensure not to share customer data with any agency outside the group.