Privacy Policy

How do we handle my contact information which I enter during the purchasing process ?

Customer's contact information, choice of bouquet and delivery date entered at the Delivery Information Form during the purchasing process is stored securely in our merchant server database in electronic form. All the printouts are kept safely for record purpose.

For what purpose will my contact information be used ?

Customer's contact information will be used for the following purposes :

a. Market Analysis

Information such as customer's choice of flowers/gifts, country of the senders and the recipients is generally used to survey the market that needs our services. The information and the result of analysis are solely meant for internal use and kept very confidential.

b. Channel for Communicating Purchase and Delivery Status

Sender's email will be used as a source for communicating purchase status so as to give confirmation of purchase by forwarding the receipt to the customer and for delivery status by updating customer once the order is fulfilled.

c. Products and Services Update

Sender and recipient's email address will be required to forward information relevant to the website like new product and service updates etc.

d. Festival and Other Promotions:

Sender and recipient's email addresses will be required to forward Festival and Other Promotions.

Do we collect and store my credit card information?

No, we do not collect and store your credit card information. During the purchasing process, your credit card information gets directly entered into the form posted by credit card payment gateway. So, we do not get any idea of your Credit Card number. And hence all your credit card information is directly collected and safely stored in the credit card payment gateway in most secure manner.